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Mayville files motion to stay in Williamstown case

November 9, 2018 GMT

Mayville is asking a court to put the state’s decision to allow Kekoskee and Williamstown become one on hold while an appeal is heard.

The city filed a motion Tuesday, as its appeal against the decision continues, and the motion went to judicial review. Judge Brian Pfitzinger is now handling the case after the city asked for a substition to replace Judge Steve Bauer.

The state’s Department of Administration approved the village of Kekoskee’s plan to dissolve into the town of Williamstown, creating an incorporated village of Williamstown, last month. The city filed an appeal shortly after, alleging that the department improperly applied the law or that the legal requirements for the boundary changes were not met. The city is seeking the state’s decision to be reversed.


The state of Wisconsin denies Mayville’s claims, saying that the law was properly applied and that Mayville does not have standing to bring the appeal anyway.

However, the state’s decision is already having an impact: Dodge County counted votes out of Kekoskee and Williamstown together in the election Tuesday.

Officials in Mayville officially oppose the merger, with concerns about how a village that surrounds it will impact its growth. T

To address the concern over Mayville’s growth, the state accepted Kekoskee and Williamstown’s idea of a “city growth area” surrounding Mayviile, where the village of Williamstown would not stand in the way of property owners detaching into the city, as long as a majority of owners in three-fourths of the territory agree. In the appeal, Mayville says the plan still violates its right to annex land around its borders, a more simple process.

Other issues at stake are landfill revenue and emergency services. A telephone scheduling conference in the case is set for Dec. 3.

In a separate lawsuit, Mayville is accusing Dawn Vick, an administrator with the Department of Administration of improperly holding back plans to annex land on the city’s west side as the boundary change process continued.

The city in the middle of a lawsuit with the Waste Facility Siting Board, the towns of Hubbard and Williamstown, Dodge County and Advanced Disposal over a waste facility that is partially within its borders and due for an expansion.

The dispute is over where exactly the facility sits and how many members Mayville should have on the board, which represents affected government bodies as action moves forward with the waste facility.