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AG Peterson gets ready for 2nd term after winning re-election

November 12, 2018 GMT

LINCOLN - Attorney General Doug Peterson prepares for his second term in office, after being assured of re-election.

Peterson, a Republican, faced no opposition to his re-election.

He says he’s enjoyed the important work in criminal prosecution and civil litigation in the office during his first four-year term.

“Probably the area that was not very familiar to me was working with the legislature,” Peterson tells Nebraska Radio Network.

Peterson says there is important legislation which needs to be addressed.

“That’s just kind of foreign territory to me,” Peterson says. “Frankly, I prefer working with our prosecutors and doing the legal work. But, we have to do some of the public policy stuff also.”

Peterson says he recently met with his team of lawyers, encouraged by what they had accomplished during his first term.

Peterson says the office has worked to fight elderly abuse and provide greater protections for consumers against fraud. It worked with the medical profession to form a coalition against opioid abuse to keep the problem from becoming an epidemic in Nebraska as it has in other states.

His battles with federal bureaucrats and what he considered the overreach of federal regulations has subsided since the change of administration in Washington, D. C. from President Barack Obama to President Donald Trump.

Peterson says he will not unveil a legislative package prior to the legislative session, a practice he abandoned after his first year in office. Instead, he says he will work behind the scenes on important legislation. He says state law to protect Nebraskans from sexual exploitation on social media needs to be strengthened. The attorney general says he wants to continue to work with the legislature to curb human trafficking.

Peterson says he enjoys the job.

“Love the job; really love the job. Each day I’m working, as I said, with great lawyers and really feel that we can do things that really impact and help the state of Nebraska.”