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Accused terrorist ordered to Rochester

September 22, 2016 GMT

BRIDGEPORT - State prosecutors Thursday dropped criminal charges against a man accused of being a Turkish terrorist on the condition that he goes to Rochester, N.Y.

Superior Court Judge Maureen Dennis entered a nolle in the case against 54-year-old Necati Harsit, charged with charged with six counts of stalking and six counts of breach of peace after prosecutors told her they no longer intended to pursue the case.

The judge then released Harsit, who had been held in lieu of $250,000 bond on the condition that he immediately go with relatives to their home in Rochester.

Under a nolle if prosecutors do not revive the case it is automatically dismissed after 13 months.


Harsit’s lawyer, Assistant Public Defender Thomas Paoletta, declined comment.

On Aug. 9, the city went into a terrorist alert, calling in the FBI and Homeland Security, after Harsit, a Turkish citizen, was found to have a car loaded with jugs of an unidentified liquid after he was stopped for following a terrified family in their RV.

The situation began, police said, when the family, two parents and four children, contacted police that an older white Chevrolet Impala had been on their bumper all the way from the Bronx. Fitzgerald said the family did not know Harsit.

The family pulled into a church parking lot off the Route 8/25 Connector and the Impala followed them.

When officers arrived Harsit was sitting behind the wheel of the car with a scarf over his head. When they asked him why he had been following the family police said he replied,” Because I want to.”

Police said there was about $14,000 in cash in the car’s center console and the backseat and floor were filled with jugs containing an unidentified liquid.

The liquid was later determined to be a floral cologne diluted in water.

Prosecutors said Harsit had been driving from Rochester to Long Island but apparently became lost and ended following the family in the hope they could lead him to his destination.