CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) _ A $3.1 million, 40,000-pound scoreboard at the new Charlotte Coliseum crashed to the floor today as it was being lowered in preparation for tonight's inaugural basketball games, but no one was injured.

The accident came a day after the grand opening of the coliseum, which the Rev. Billy Graham had blessed before a sell-out crowd.

Three workers heard the 40-foot-wide scoreboard creak and groan shortly before it collapsed, police Maj. J.J. Kelly said. Witnesses said the scoreboard shattered on a wooden floor.

There is a second floor under the floor that was hit, Kelly said, adding that the games probably would be unaffected. The U.S. women's Olympic team is scheduled to meet the Cuban national team, and the U.S. men's team meets a team of NBA players.

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