KANSAS to play at Scotts Bluff County fair

December 12, 2017

KNEB and the Scotts Bluff County Ag Society announced early Monday, Dec. 11 that the classic rock band KANSAS will play at the 2018 county fair on Saturday, Aug. 4.

Bill Boyer, director of operations at KNEB in Scottsbluff, said he is very excited.

“We were approached by the fair board earlier this year after we had a couple of successful shows this year in Gering,” Boyer said. “When we met with them a few months ago we talked about some options and one of the things they wanted to look at was an opportunity to look at some classic rock folks, so we put some feelers out and were able to get a very good band in KANSAS.”

Almost immediately after the 7:30 a.m. announcement, Boyer and the Ag Society began receiving positive feedback on the decision.

“The concert is always a big part of the fair and it’s an opportunity for folks just to come out and celebrate,” Boyer said. “We think this will hopefully bring out additional people to the fair.”

Boyer said he is working closely with the Ag Society to brainstorm new options for doing things differently at the fair to allow for this being potentially one of the highest attended concerts there in years.

“We’re very excited about all of that and we want to make sure the Scotts Bluff County Fair is one of the strongest fairs in the region,” he said.

According to the press release sent out by KNEB, its involvement with planning the entertainment for the fair is part of a new partnership between the two entities.

Boyer explained that KNEB is the only farmer and rancher owned group of radio stations in the country.

“We’re owned by farmers and ranchers, which makes serving agriculture incredibly important to us, it’s our mission and it’s something we live by every day,” he said.

Boyer said he doesn’t believe there is any other event in the state that does as much for agriculture as the county fairs.

“They do a lot of work behind the scenes on a ton of events, not just nightly entertainment, but making sure all the events at the fair, the Ag events take place. It’s a long and grueling seven to 10 days for them,” Boyer said. “So to be able to partner with them and bring in a show that’s a much larger caliber show than some of the shows they’ve brought in the past is very exciting to us.”

With the knowledge of what works well and what doesn’t at the county fair, the Ag Society offers much with its partnership with KNEB.

“I think they’re just as excited as we are to have someone else taking that stress off of them of having to come up with entertainment,” Boyer said.

Boyer also shared his excitement for KANSAS coming to the Scotts Bluff County Fair.

“I think anytime you can bring in a classic rock group that gets the people that have lived here and worked here for many years, it gives them an opportunity to reconnect with their youth,” Boyer said. “It allows people that maybe went to a KANSAS concert in their heyday to people that have never seen them before but grew up with their parents listening to that music, it gives them all an opportunity to reminisce and just come out and enjoy a very family friendly night.”

Tickets go on sale Friday, Dec. 15 for $44 at www.kneb.com/tickets. There will also be some tickets available via presale on the KANSAS website at www.kansasband.com.