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Hobbies: Thankful for pie

November 5, 2016 GMT

When I think of November, I think Thanksgiving. Without the candy and costumes that come with Halloween or the presents that come with Christmas, it’s easy for Thanksgiving to be overshadowed. But with Thanksgiving, comes family and food - two of my favorite things. What can be better than that?

In my family, everyone brings their signature dish to the party, but in my case - being the only non-cook relative - I bring the decorations. While the sports fans are cheering football teams around the television and the foodies are basting and stirring in the kitchen, you will find me with the kids cutting, coloring and crafting for the table decor.

This year I will bring triangle-shaped boxes that we can decorate to match some of our favorite pie flavors. While my family members are walking the aisles of the grocery store for yummy Turkey Day treats, I will be shopping the aisles of the craft store for colored papers, circle punches, scissors and adhesives.

Baking a pie requires all the pie wedges to be the same, but when crafted from paper, every wedge can be unique. We will have slices of key lime, lemon meringue, chocolate mousse, apple, cherry, blueberry, boysenberry, peach and of course, pumpkin pie. Each wedge has an embellishment to add to the theme like a wedge of lemon or lime, woven strips of crust and dollops of whipped cream, but all cut from paper,

The paper pie centerpiece can be converted to place markers and party favors by adding the name of each guest to each slice. Because each slice of pie is really a triangle-shaped box, each wedge can hold a Thanksgiving treat for each family member. Individually wrapped candies, slices of gum, even tummy soothers like Tums can be considered as fillers for each box. In addition, the kids are going to write some of the things for which they are thankful to add to each pie box. As much as I am looking forward to the wonderful, home-cooked meal, I really can’t wait to read what each of the kids has to say. Now that will be the real food for thought.

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