Proposal to ban single-use plastic bags moves to lawmakers

May 2, 2019 GMT

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — A Democrat’s bill to ban single-use bags is heading to the Legislature.

The Democratic-controlled Legislature’s Environmental and Natural Resources Committee voted Wednesday along party lines on the bill.

Democratic Rep. Holly Stover’s bill aims to prohibit retailers from using single-use, carry-out bags at the check-out line by April 2020. Republican committee members want to allow municipalities to opt-out.

The bill faces House and Senate action.

Retailers support Maine’s bill to allow stores to provide recyclable paper bags for at least 5 cents. California and New York have similar bans and states including Massachusetts are considering such bills.


Environmental groups say plastic bags aren’t easily recycled and often end up as litter.

Plastic bag manufacturers and recyclers claims bag bans could pave the way for thicker bags winding up in landfills.