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’Twas the night before Mueller

December 25, 2018 GMT

’Twas the night before Mueller,

and all through the land,

The nation was ruled,

by an insane Tariff Man.

The stockings were hung,

by the chimney with care,

In hopes that dear Santa,

would leave a democrat there.

Laid out were cookies,

and cake made with fruit in,

For when down from the chimney,

came Vladimir Putin.

The people were trembling,

terrified in their bed;

While a massive national debt,

struck terror and dread.

Away to the window,

I flew like a flash,

In just time to witness,

the earth turning to ash.

And there was St. Nick,

with a wink and a nod,

With a fist of fake ballots,

to commit voter fraud.

On McConnell and Graham,

on Grassley and Ryan,

Even the reindeer all know,

that the president’s lyin’.

The Saudis and Russians,

looked at each other with awe;

They were Trump’s not secret Santa,

with a bloody hack saw.

He’s pulled out of Paris,

humiliation in NATO;

For Christmas please Santa,

give us President Beto.

I cried when I saw them,

in spite of myself,

And there was Mike Pence,

demented elf on the shelf.

Trump’s Christmas Eve costume,

covered in ashes and coal;

And in his red bag of goodies,

the Republicans’ soul.

The elves had been busy,

and they laughed with a snort;

An accused molester,

was on the Supreme Court.

I heard Mueller exclaim,

and he came into plain sight,

Merry Christmas to all!

I am gonna indict.

Pam Kellett is a jewelry designer, artist and equestrian. She loves living in Santa Fe.