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Lenin Peace Prize Awarded To Indira Gandhi

May 2, 1985 GMT

MOSCOW (AP) _ The late Indian prime minister, Indira Gandhi, has been posthumously awarded the Lenin Peace Prize, the Soviet Union announced.

Mrs. Gandhi, who was assassinated in October, had been a leader of the movement of nonaligned nations and her government maintained friendly relations with the Soviet Union.

The Lenin Peace Prize was established 30 years ago to recognize figures the Soviet Union considers have done much toward peace. The awards were announced by the official news agency Tass on Tuesday and reported by the Soviet press Wednesday.


The peace prize committee said Mrs. Gandhi ″enjoyed great respect both in her country and on the international scene, was constantly pursuing a course of strengthening peace and international security and of enhancing India’s role in tackling major problems of our time, and put forward major initiatives for the prevention of nuclear war and for disarmament.″

The prize was also given to Nguyen Huu Tho, chairman of Vietnam’s National Assembly; Josef Weber, a West German anti-nuclear figure; Jean-Marie Legay, a French scientist and president of the World Federation of Scientific Workers; Colombian poet Luis Vidales; and Eva Palmer, leader of the Union of Sweden- Soviet Union Societies and an official of the Swedish Peace Committee.