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Feds net $13.8M in Arizona civil actions, criminal fines

January 19, 2018

PHOENIX (AP) — Federal prosecutors say they collected nearly $14 million in criminal fines and restitution and civil penalties and recoveries in Arizona in the past year.

The totals released Thursday by the U.S. attorney’s office in Phoenix cover the federal budget year that ended Sept. 30.

First Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Strange says payment for fines and victim restitution from criminal defendants totaled $5.9 million. Cvil penalties and other payments totaled $7.8 million.

The U.S. attorney’s office says restitution payments from criminal defendants go directly to victims, while fines and penalty assessments go to state victim compensation and assistance programs.

The civil actions included recovering money lost to fraud and penalties for violating federal health and safety, civil rights or environmental laws.

Another $3.1 million was collected in asset forfeiture cases.