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Speeders put other drivers at risk: Letter

April 2, 2019

Whenever someone complains about how dangerous our roads are, I often say just what Ken Dixon did (“Blame the drivers, not the roads,” March 31). I recall a letter writer several months ago who felt that the speed limit on the turnpike was “unreasonable,” and complained to those of us who insist on driving at the speed limit. He emphasized with capital letters, “YOU are the problem!” He felt that the speed limit was unreasonable, therefore it should be ignored.

I hope he doesn’t tie up the courts with that defense: “Gee, your Honor, that law is unreasonable, so naturally I ignored it.” Imagine the chaos if we treated all laws like this: “Gee, your Honor, I’m innocent on the grounds that the law against (insert any law here) is unreasonable.”

Speeding is the number one cause of death on our highways. The speed limit applies to all the lanes of traffic — even the passing lane. If traffic is traveling at the speed limit, there is no need to pass anybody. If our governor is looking for additional revenue, he should increase the fines for traffic violations and encourage stricter enforcement. I know several people who are afraid to drive on our highways because of the speeders, and only because of the speeders. It’s not fair that some drivers keep others off the road and get away with endangering their lives as well as everyone else on the road just because they feel the law is unreasonable. It’s not the law that’s unreasonable. It’s the speeders and reckless, aggressive drivers who are unreasonable!

Shirley B. Backus


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