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Bethel man cited after Facebook post advertising moose meat

October 2, 2018

BETHEL, Alaska (AP) — A Bethel man has been accused of advertising the sale of moose meat on Facebook, an action illegal under Alaska law.

Alaska Wildlife Trooper Walter Blajeski said he issued a citation to Arnold Lupie last month after seeing his online ad for moose meat, KYUK-AM reported last week.

A resident had alerted Blajeski to the ad selling moose meat and ribs for $25 a bag. Blajeski contacted Lupie, who said he did not sell any of the meat and immediately removed the ad, Blajeski said.

Lupie said he didn’t know the sale of big game meat was illegal. If he had sold the meat, it could have led to a misdemeanor charge.

Posts advertising sales of subsistence foods are often present on a community Facebook page for the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta area. Selling is illegal, but the bartering of many subsistence meats is allowed.

“Now obviously, each situation is going to be somewhat different,” Blajeski said. “The scale and size and scope of that operation will be taken into account.”

While subsistence game cannot be sold in Alaska — except rabbit meat — subsistence fish caught in federal waters can be sold to non-commercial entities.

Regulations differ for the non-edible parts of the animals. Some furs, bones and antlers can be sold.

Other Facebook posts advertising big game meat are under investigation, Blajeski said.


Information from: KYUK-AM, http://www.kyuk.org