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Chihuahua Impregnates Rottweiler; Owner Ordered To Pay

November 2, 1993 GMT

KEY WEST, Fla. (AP) _ Rocky, the Chihuahua, found love on a neighbor’s deck in a burley Rottweiler named Canella. Now his owner has been ordered to pay for his tiny dog’s lascivious behavior.

Rocky somehow managed to impregnate Canella, to the dismay of the Rottweiler’s owner, Kevin Foley. Foley claimed he had planned to breed his dog ″to an acceptable male so that a litter might be sold.″

So Foley sued Rocky’s owner, Dayami Diaz. Last week, Monroe County Judge Reagan Ptomey ordered Diaz to pay Foley $2,567.50.

According to Ptomey’s two-page order, Canella was in heat and tied up on Foley’s deck. When Foley stepped inside to get her some food, Rocky made his move.

″A passing animal control officer observed Canella and Rocky passionately joined together and ‘stopped to watch because of the difference in sizes’ of the two dogs,″ the judge wrote.

Foley took a photograph of the scene while the animal control officer turned a hose on the dogs to try to separate them.

A month later, Foley learned Canella was pregnant. But the world will never learn what such mongrels would look like. The litter of 10 puppies was terminated via hysterectomy, leaving Canella sterile.

Diaz attempted to defend Rocky by casting aspersions on Canella’s character.

″Defendant presented testimony of other dog-owning neighbors speculating that Canella had been visited by other male dogs in particular a determined but inadequate little Shih Tzu with an injured hip,″ Ptomey wrote.

″But only speculation existed, as opposed to the certain success enjoyed by Rocky.″