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BC-Extended Entries Lethbridge

May 15, 2019 GMT

1st-$4,050, Allowance, 3-Year-Olds & Up (NW3 L), Five and One Half Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Past the Stars , 120;R. Nelson;5-6-3;Lloyd Weeseekase;7/2
2;Anello , 120;N. Patrick;1-1-5;Bill Kinch;5/2
3;Nehemiah , 120;B. Stewart;6-6-3;Nellie Pigeau;10/1
4;Schur Am Fancy , 120;D. Benitez;1-2-3;Les Adams;8/1
5;Humid , 120;R. Lahoe;4-1-6;Daniel Oberholtzer;6/1
6;Azee Rules , 120;L. Allen;1-1-3;Lyle Magnuson;2/1

2nd-$4,050, Allowance, 3-Year-Olds & Up (NW2 L), Five and One Half Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Voodoo Palace , 120;A. Larios;7-6-4;Ron David;8/1
2;Irish Era , 120;L. Allen;7-6-1;Lyle Magnuson;5/1
3;Last Bloom , 120;O. Foster;4-5-2;Jill West;3/1
4;Louisiana Purchase , 120;J. Rocha;5-4-8;Allan Brown;7/2
5;Quick Six , 120;T. Simpson;5-7-1;Bill Schmitt;6/1
6;Jukesee , 120;B. Stewart;3-4-6;Nellie Pigeau;2/1

3rd-$4,050, Allowance, 3-Year-Olds & Up (NW2 L), Five and One Half Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Visions of Joy , 120;D. Benitez;1-3-3;Les Adams;3/1
2;Wannago , 120;N. Patrick;2-2-3;Bill Kinch;9/5
3;Sandbed , 120;L. Allen;5-1-7;Shawn Bird Rattler;8/1
4;Parker's Prince , 120;J. Rocha;4-2-5;Jaqueline Smith;5/2
5;Smartasatak , 120;T. Simpson;6-1-2;Garry Marks;6/1
6;Madera Time , 120;A. Larios;4-1-10;Alison Clapton;5/1

4th-$4,050, Waiver Claiming, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Three Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Green Beret , 120;R. Nelson;7-3-5;Lloyd Weeseekase;2/1
2;Checkered Cab , 120;T. Simpson;7-6-1;Elige Bourne;7/2
3;Charpetti , 120;B. Stewart;3-6-5;Nellie Pigeau;9/5
4;Zar's Star , 120;L. Allen;6-4-6;Nellie Pigeau;8/1
5;Bell Zone , 120;A. Wright;5-1-3;Alvin Cross Child;6/1
6;Aurorin Shot , 120;O. Foster;5-4-2;Jill West;5/1

5th-$4,300, Waiver Claiming, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Six Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Meet At Jakes , 120;T. Simpson;5-6-1;Jaqueline Smith;2/1
2;Mandela Fever , 120;A. Larios;1-4-3;Ron David;5/1
3;Thisismystory , 120;N. Patrick;7-4-7;Cindy Cummins;6/1
4;Ain't Tellin' , 120;L. Allen;2-6-6;Lyle Magnuson;5/2
5;Ocanera , 120;B. Stewart;5-2-4;Daniel Oberholtzer;8/1
6;World Wide Blame , 120;J. Rocha;4-1-2;Buckey Stockwell;7/2

6th-$13,115, Stakes, 3-Year-Olds & Up , Three and One Half Furlongs

Maiden Stakes

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Status Symbal , 124;B. Stewart;2-8-4;Janice Sather;6/1
2;Jb Easy First Down , 124;R. Moreno;4-4-3;William Leech;8/1
3;Hes a Firefox , 124;N. Patrick;4-5-x;John Brown;12/1
4;Walters Cartel , 124;D. Benitez;1-5-3;Buckey Stockwell;8/5
5;Ifarm , 124;J. Rocha;3-3-5;Buckey Stockwell;4/1
6;Shezasparklingtimber , 124;A. Wright;3-6-7;William Leech;10/1
7;You Have No Equal , 124;D. Lewis;1-x-x;William Leech;2/1
8;Thisbudsforyou , 124;T. Simpson;2-8-5;Buckey Stockwell;3/1

7th-$4,050, Waiver Claiming, 3-Year-Olds & Up Fillies and Mares, Five and One Half Furlongs

PP;Horse (Med Code), Wt.;Jockey;Last 3;Trainer;Odds
1;Sweet Wilko , 120;A. Larios;4-4-3;Alison Clapton;2/1
2;Victory 'n Rouge , 120;D. Benitez;8-2-5;Larry Snider;10/1
3;Justgettingeven , 120;A. Wright;6-6-5;John Poirier;12/1
4;Star Princess , 120;L. Allen;8-3-1;Daniel Oberholtzer;8/1
5;Stole My 'Art , 120;T. Simpson;5-5-7;Bill Schmitt;5/2
6;Royal Treasure , 120;B. Stewart;6-1-4;Alison Clapton;6/1
7;Majestic Lass , 120;D. Lewis;3-1-2;Pete Dubois;7/2

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