Mom-preneur relishes small-business success

May 7, 2018 GMT

Whitney Rahim, fitness instructor and successful mom-preneur, launched her Sugar Land-based small business, Baby Boot Camp, in January 2017.

“One thing I discovered is fitness makes you happy,” she said. “I love inspiring moms to be healthy and fit and helping families to become healthy and fit. And I like that it is more than just a place to work out, I also work to create an environment where moms can find friends and a sense of community.”

Rahim has two children: Caroline, 4 years-old, and Hugh, who was born eight months ago.

“I taught a class the Friday after Hurricane Harvey and then drove to the hospital to have my son,” she said.

Children are welcome at Baby Boot Camp classes with most moms bringing a stroller and layout out a blanket for little ones to relax during their workout. Some toddler-age children run along with their moms or climb on their backs during floor exercises.

Rahim said one of the things that made Baby Boot Camp a good fit was it allows her freedom to create her own schedule and avoid having to arrange child care to go to work.

“I really like that I don’t have to drop my kids off somewhere and sacrifice time with my children for my work,” she said.

Before becoming a mom, Rahim worked in the political arena. She and her husband, Anand, live in Sugar Land.

“Having my own business allows me to provide income for my family, but just as important is that I am able to be a role model for my children and hopefully inspire them to be healthy and fit and achieve their goals in life.”

Launched by fitness-instructor and personal trainer mom Kristen Horler in 2001, the Baby Boot Camp program evolved into a franchise business in 2005 that currently operates nation-wide in more than 100 communities including Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, Katy and the greater Houston area.

As a franchise-owner, Rahim receives marketing and business support, along with in-house fitness training focusing on post-partum recovery and other issues related to women’s’ health. As a nationally-certified fitness instructor, she’s able to tailor classes to each participant’s needs and often varies her class routines.

“Once a month, I teach a yoga and Pilates-focused class. I also occasionally teach a slow-resistance class or a barre-themed class,” she said. There’s a stigma in that some people think it’s just going to be a walk in the park. But, everybody that comes to my classes gets the best workout for their stage of motherhood.”

Rahim offered this advice for other small business owners.

“Just focus on your dream and keep working at it because success will come eventually.”

In Sugar Land, Baby Boot Camp classes are offered six days a week at either Oyster Creek Park or the community center in Lost Creek Park. For more information, visit www.babybootcamp.com