Strawderman kidnapping trial begins

February 6, 2019 GMT

KINGMAN — Attorneys presented opening statements in Kingman on Tuesday in the trial of a Mohave Valley man who allegedly restrained and physically abused his former girlfriend during an argument regarding their breakup.

Nathan Strawderman, 43, faces five counts of aggravated assault and two kidnapping charges.

Prosecutor Jeff Haws told the Mohave County Superior Court jury that the defendant and victim moved in together during a several-month relationship in 2017.

“The relationship turned rocky. There were issues between the two of them and she left,” Haws said. The prosecutor said the 38-year-old woman had trouble ending the affair because Strawderman insisted they should remain a couple.


Haws said an argument escalated to violence at a home in the 1500 block of East Laguna Road when the woman again terminated the union on Oct. 3, 2017. He said Strawderman screamed at the woman and confiscated the baseball bat she tried to use to protect herself.

Haws said the defendant held the woman down and hit her with his fists and struck her with a bat before she was able to escape. The confrontation continued outside the home, Haws said, where the woman was again beaten with the bat.

The prosecutor told the jury that the victim escaped again and retreated inside the home, locking the doors and barricading herself inside a room while calling authorities.

Responding officers arrested Strawderman after finding him hiding in some bushes on the fringe of the property.

Defense attorney Gregory Pridham countered that the victim is the only one who will testify about the violence and that she lacks credibility. Pridham said there was proof that the woman had used methamphetamine and marijuana and that her injuries and story are inconsistent with the evidence.

The jury is expected to deliberate its verdicts sometime Thursday.