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Kenny Lee Barrows: Veterans need better treatment

September 7, 2018 GMT


I’m calling all you veterans out due to a very serious problem that you must be aware of — better known as the waiting list that you are dealing with in Phoenix.

I myself feel strongly that you outstanding heroes need some strong fighting power to put an end to this unethical and cruel act that our so-called political leaders are forcing you to deal with.

After all, you great people deserve better when your health is at risk due to the unnecessary political waiting list. You must join me in fighting against this crooked and unfair system that we all live in.

I am getting really fed up with our political unfairness, not to mention unethical decisions that are done. They sure as hell want their pay raise but will not lift a hand to help us taxpayers. I say this folks, “enough is enough” to deal with when dignity and honor is placed on the back burner. We need better treatment where our heroes and others like them deserve. Not just medical, but law and legal matters as well.


Let’s band together and fight. After all, you veterans, above all, deserve it. No one else even tried to accept me, who was cheated out of serving my so-called beloved country. Hint! Hint! To our political leaders, to all political officials: no work, no pay, no vote. Don’t forget it either.

Kenny Lee Barrows