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Committee does not approve a contract

January 19, 2019 GMT

The Watertown Unified School District’s Fiscal Management Committee has decided not to approve a contract with a physician from Optimal Health and Wellness to rent the district’s onsite clinic at 111 Dodge St. after hours.

Director of Business Brittany Altendorf said the committee wants more information to see if it can have an agreement with local employers instead of the physician.

“The physician that wanted to rent the clinic wants to be able to do pre-employment physicals,” Altendorf said. “So instead of having a contract with a physician, they’re thinking that we could have contracts with other Watertown employers and then the physician would work with them. But our agreement from the school district would be with the employer and not the physician.”

Altendorf said she will provide more information about this at the committee’s next meeting Wednesday, Feb. 20.