Helmets for Tyler: After her friend’s death, this teen took action

October 3, 2018

A Raleigh teen says her best friend would still be alive if he wore a helmet while skateboarding. Since his June accident, she’s taken on a mission to tell his story and raise awareness with other kids.

Lauryn Creech, a student at Vernon Malone College and Career Academy, said 15 minutes was all it took.

″“I talked to him at 8:15 p.m. that night, and at 8:30, he was in his accident,” said Creech.

On that night in June, Tyler Wendorf, 18, went skateboarding down Lake Pine Drive in Cary with his friends. When he tried to do a trick, he hit a rock and fell. Since Wendorf wasn’t wearing a helmet, his head hit the pavement, and he never got up.

“What happened to my friend sucked,” said Creech. “It sucked for his family and his friends, and nobody should have to go through that.”

Creech said Wendorf was more than a just friend, calling him “the only person that was there for me.”

To help others, Creech started an initiative called #HelmetsforTyler to ensure her friend’s death wasn’t in vain. Her goal is to raise money to purchase helmets by selling bracelets, stickers, shirts and other merchandise.

Creech will then use the funds to give free helmets to kids. By sharing Wendorf’s story, she hopes kids will be willing to wear them.

Skate Cary donated more than a dozen helmets to the teens who attended Wendorf’s celebration of life.

“I think more people need to know that helmets, though they look a little goofy, are very helpful,” said Creech.

While the project has been tough for Creech to manage, she says it’s her mission to make sure she uses her time to speak for those who have run out of their own. “I feel like he’d just tell me to keep going and just keep doing what I’m doing,” she said.

Creech will present Helmets for Tyler as her senior project at the end of the semester.

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