Burns will be outstanding addition to court -- Hiroshi Kanno

February 14, 2018 GMT

Every day reveals more reasons why responsible citizens must use wisdom in how they vote. The government is us, and we must vote with care.

On Feb. 20 we have an election that will determine the future of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. These judges make important decisions that affect all of us. I urge you to vote for Tim Burns for the following reasons.

He is an outstanding attorney who has shown in his practice he will stand up to large insurance companies on behalf of his clients. He believes fair courts ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, not just the wealthy and the well-connected.

He chaired the American Bar Association’s Committee on Fair and Impartial Courts and serves on the national board of the American Constitution Society.

He grew up in relative poverty and had to work hard all his life to achieve his goals. He is married with three children.

When I have met and talked with Burns, he has been open, friendly and a willing listener. I believe these professional and personal qualities will benefit all of us when he is elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Hiroshi Kanno, Wisconsin Dells