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Mike Tyson Reportedly Admits Abusing Wife in Interview With Barbara Walters

September 29, 1988 GMT

NEW YORK (AP) _ Heavyweight champion Mike Tyson says he won’t take medication for his manic-depression and admits pushing around his wife, actress Robin Givens, according to a published report on a forthcoming TV interview.

The New York Daily News, citing ″an informed source″ it did not identify further, reported today that Tyson made the statements in an interview with Barbara Walters to be aired Friday on the ABC program ″20-20.″

A spokeswoman for ABC confirmed the interview but would not comment on its exact contents.

″They discussed a number of issues including ‘Does Mike Tyson beat his wife?’ and the nature of his behavior in Moscow,″ Maurie Perl, spokeswoman for ″20-20,″ told The Associated Press.

Tyson was quoted last week by the New York Post as saying he had been diagnosed as being manic-depressive and, in the same article, the Post said sources it did not identify told it that Tyson had several violent episodes during a recent trip to Moscow.

The episodes included chasing Givens, her mother, Ruth Roper, and a secretary through their hotel.

The Post said that after returning to the United States last week, Tyson had a tearful talk with Givens, Roper, and psychiatrist Henry L. McCurtis during which Tyson admitted being out of control at times and agreed to undergo treatment.

Tyson said he was relieved to find out he suffered from a problem confronted by millions of Americans.

According to the source cited by the Daily News, Tyson told Walters that he won’t take medication for manic-depression and that he has pushed around Givens. The News did not elaborate on what that meant.

Tyson, 22, is the youngest heavyweight champion ever but his recent life has been a collection of stormy adventures. Earlier this year he gave away a $100,000 automobile after a minor accident and in August he cracked a bone in his right hand in a late-night fight on a Harlem street.

He was hospitalized with a concussion earlier this month after his car struck a tree and there were reports that he threatened suicide shortly before the crash.

He married Givens, an actress on the TV show ″Head of the Class,″ in February, and sources close to the Tyson camp have told reporters on several occasions that Tyson has struck his wife.