Where I Stand An idea to deal with illegal immigration

February 1, 2019

We don’t need a wall. We need a card

Even if we had the Great Wall of China on our entire Mexican border it still would not stop illegals because they will come in by overstaying visas, and from our shores, and let’s not forget the Canadian border.

But the real reason our president, and his Whites-only supporters are overly concerned about illegals entering our country from the Mexican border is that they fear White Americans will no longer be the dominant race, and the USA will become The “United States of Latin America.”

While it is important to control illegal immigration, we should be just as concerned about the illegals in our country, who are living in a state of limbo for years, and if not decades, and their children who were brought here, or born here.

We have 12 million undocumented immigrants only because Uncle Sam purposely left a crack in the door for the “Big” farm, agricultural, and construction corporations so they could have a pool of workers who will work hard for little pay. Millions are working here illegally by using false or stolen Social Security numbers because of our faulty out-dated SSN system.

These “Big” corporations naturally want to keep this status quo, and have influenced Republican leaders not to pass any immigration or DACA reforms.

Illegal immigrants come here to work — they won’t come here if they can’t work!

With national ID’s future illegals can be stopped at the workplace; however, our government will not permit national IDs for fear of creating a “Big Brother” government, and citizens would loose their “privacy.”

This seems irrational because our government already knows more about us than we know or remember about ourselves.

There were more than 50 million stolen identity thefts using stolen SSNs to file false tax returns and emptying out bank accounts — evidently our government is not doing a good job in protecting our privacy.

The funding for and operation of our Social Security system requires the coordination of the SSA, IRS, our employers and ourselves. It is time our government properly identifies who we are to protect our identity, and to improve our Social Security system to eliminate these abuses.

Uncle Sam can resolve these problems without affecting our privacy, and at the same time many other problems plaguing America, by creating and issuing a Social Security Employment Card with a photo and the same information found on drivers licenses and passports.

With its own nine-digit number that would be used for employers and financial institutions — our SSN would be, and should be, private and only known to Uncle Sam and ourselves.

No one can legally drive without a drivers license — no one would be legally able to work in the USA without a SS Employment Card.

This would stop illegal immigrants from being employed with false or stolen SSNs at the workplace, and deter stolen identity thefts.

It would be difficult to count all the ways SSEC could be beneficial for our citizens.

Think of those who do not have driver’s licenses for identification purposes and what an aid it would be for voting.

And imagine how valuable SSEC would be to youths turning adulthood compared to what we contended with when we became adults — they would have a card in their wallet that would prove their age and identity, to get a driver’s license, to be able to vote, open a bank account, or get a drink at a bar (and don’t forget the bartender who doesn’t have to worry that he is serving a minor).

And in our world of terrorism, SSEC would offer a more efficient and expeditious way to make security checks at airports and government buildings, and wherever security checks are required.

If the USA ever expects to stop future illegals from coming and working here, then it first must legalize the millions of undocumented who have lived and worked here for years by making them permanent residents and issue them SS Employment Cards. They will wait to become citizens and to vote — they came here to live and work!

None of us probably ever left our house without our driver’s license since the day we got it — and if states worked in conjunction with Uncle Sam and issued and renewed SSECs, they could utilize the SSEC as a driver’s license by just adding the state driver’s license number to it.

If SS Employment Cards are not the answer to these problems — then what is ?

Paul F. Adinolfi is a resident of Sandy Hook.