Regulators approve exemptions for former nuclear power plant

November 4, 2019

PLYMOUTH, Mass. (AP) — Federal regulators are exempting the shuttered Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station from certain emergency planning and preparedness requirements.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said it granted the exemption request Monday because the plant permanently ceased operations in May after 46 years in operation.

But Democratic U.S. Sen. Edward Markey says Monday’s decision takes away key protections for nearby residents.

He says the site is now exempt from regulations requiring it maintain offsite emergency response capabilities and additional procedures for public notification.

The regulatory commission says the plant will still have to maintain an onsite emergency plan and response capabilities. It’ll also still have to notify the state of any emergency declaration.

Pilgrim was Massachusetts’ last nuclear power plant. It was acquired by Holtec Decommissioning International from the Entergy Corporation in August.