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Holly Hall Silver Tea honors seniors advocate Dr. Carmel Dyer

December 21, 2018 GMT

On Dec. 13, more than 200 Houstonians gathered at the home of Kelty and Rogers Crain for a Houston tradition dating back 66 years: the Holly Hall Silver Tea.

The event, chaired by Ellen Cluett Donnelly and Pamela Blakely, honored Dr. Carmel Dyer, a Houston visionary and advocate for the senior community.

Since opening its doors in 1951, Holly Hall Retirement Community has provided exceptional care for senior adults and has taken pride in the quality of life its residents enjoy.

One of the hallmarks of Holly Hall’s care and commitment to its residents is that it covers the “cost of care” for those residents who, over time, are no longer able to do so as they transition from independent living to assisted living and then to health care. This event raised approximately $150,000 to provide a peace of mind to residents in need of assistance, that they may continue to live in their home and receive the same high quality of care.

For the first time in the long history of the Holly Hall Silver Tea, an outstanding individual was honored. Dyer exemplifies the standard of excellence that Holly Hall strives to provide its residents and partners on a daily basis. Currently, Dyer serves as the executive director for the UT Health Consortium on Aging, which provides patient care; education to patients, caregivers and professionals; and works to advance interdisciplinary gerontological research.

Dyer is not only a doctor to the elderly, but a true advocate and educator who has tirelessly dedicated her life’s work to ensure that the senior community receives excellent, focused care and live a full, vibrant life. Holly Hall was proud to honor Dyer for her dedication to the senior community in Houston and beyond.

Dyer, Donnelly and Kelty greeted guests as they arrived to enjoy a traditional tea served on beautiful silver, and finger foods prepared by Holly Hall’s chef, Peter Huber. The home was filled with the scent of freshly baked gingersnap cookies.

As guests toured the Crain home, they were informed of Holly Hall’s history and services while giving generously to the critical need of providing care to those residents who are no longer able to afford their living expenses.

For more information about Holly Hall, visit www.hollyhall.org.