Something for everyone at homecoming

October 8, 2018 GMT

It’s fall, the start of a new school year, all kinds of things are taking place around the school, sports, clubs — and just making sure you aren’t falling behind in classes. But in the middle of all of these start of the year activities is homecoming.

Homecoming is something that has been celebrated for years, but what does it really mean to students?

The real idea of homecoming is to celebrate alumni “coming home” to visit old friends, family and see how their old stomping grounds have changed. But that isn’t exactly a main theme anymore — at least not at Norfolk Catholic.

At Norfolk Catholic, homecoming is more of a celebration for students to bond and grow closer through a variety of activities. Homecoming is a fun and memorable time but isn’t as huge of a deal as it may have used to be. Although it isn’t anything incredible, all students and teachers have fun with the celebration.

At NC, homecoming is celebrated throughout the week with various themed dress-up days. Some of these themes include school spirit, redneck and favorite movie or television character. It’s entertaining to walk into school and see students who have gone all out with their costumes and can hardly be recognized.

Another activity that takes place is the powderpuff football game. This is a game of flag football that is played by the senior girls versus the junior girls. The senior and junior football players coach the teams and put on a great show for the fans in the bleachers.

But perhaps the most anticipated part of homecoming is the coronation and dance.

On Saturday night, the students gather for Mass followed by crowning the homecoming king and queen. Five men and five women are nominated and then voted upon by the sophomore, junior and senior classes to select a winner. Who wins is not something that is really stressed out over at our school. It is an honor to be nominated and to be crowned, but the week really is about having fun with your classmates.

And the most fun part of the week follows coronation — the dance.

The school gathers in the gym where there are lights and decorations corresponding to a theme that is selected by the junior class. This year, it’s “Country Knights.” The dance is a great celebration where everyone can just be themself and have fun with their friends while they bust a move. After the dance, most students meet at a classmates house to hang out, have a bonfire, or just relax after all of the festivities.

Homecoming is an experience that no student will forget. Whether it was a one-of-a-kind costume, a touchdown in the powderpuff football game, or tearing up the dance floor, there is something for everyone during homecoming.