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Wray removed from superintendent’s advisory council

November 13, 2018 GMT

After posting a meme about CNN reporter Jim Acosta, Superintendent’s Advisory Council member Chris Wray has been removed from the panel.

The council was formed after the passage of Ector County Independent School District’s tax ratification election Nov. 6 to ensure that funds from the ballot measure are appropriated correctly, Interim Superintendent Jim Nelson has said.

Nelson said Monday that Wray will not be replaced.

Nelson added that it was unfortunate that Wray was taken off the advisory council, “but it’s the times we live in.”

“It’s regretful, but I think we’ve dealt with it appropriately,” Nelson said.


Wray said Monday that the meme was posted on his personal Facebook page and meant for his friends and people who know his humor and character.

It shows a caricature of Acosta in a sombrero and says the Mexican world of the day is: Acosta. Below the caricature it says: “Now Jim gotta do the news from Acosta street.”

Acosta is of Cuban descent. The White House recently revoked his access to covering the Trump administration.

Wray said he shared the meme from a Hispanic friend.

“It was a joke poking fun at a tense situation. I thought it was funny and I still think it’s funny,” Wray said. “I didn’t mean to upset anybody. The guy who found it, he harassed me all day yesterday,” Wray said.

He added that this will probably stop him from participating in any future community endeavors.

“It’s one of those deals where you try to stand up and make the place you’re living a better place and because of one thing you’re going to get knocked down and criticized for something that was not meant for a public audience. I look at my friends list and I have a wide diversification of friends. The last thing I would do to any of them would be to intentionally offend them,” Wray said.

He said he did not take the post down.

The advisory council now includes:

Mariann Abalos Bagley, community volunteer.Chris Cole, SouthWest Bank.David Duree, partner in assurance services at Weaver.Jacob Stiles, businessman.Monica Vasquez Tschauner, Director of the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.The Rev. Dawn Weeks, co-pastor at Connection Christian Church.Lisa Wyman, credit union officer at Complex Community Federal Credit Union.