Target makes changes to app after report finds it displayed higher prices inside stores

February 9, 2019

Target has openly admitted that prices can be different in-store versus online, but there can also be a price difference within the Target app depending on where you use it.

NBC affiliate KARE-TV recently reported on different prices they found for items in the Target app when they checked prices inside a store versus outside.

Comparing 10 random items, they found the items were, in total, $262 cheaper when shopping from the back of the store parking lot versus the app price that appeared in the store.

Once price even changed as they drove closer to the store.

The report created a lot of buzz on social media and Target said they have made changes to their app as a result of the story.

A Target spokesperson said each product will now have a disclaimer below the price to indicate if the price will be valid in store or at Target.com.

If you see a lower price in the app, take a screengrab and Target will match the price. You should also turn off the location setting, that way the app won’t know where you are when shopping.