Pittsfield: Berube Teen Parent Program Joins Berkshire Children & Families

July 20, 2016 GMT

PITTSFIELD >> Berkshire Children and Families and the Helen Berube Teen Parent Program have come together as one agency to provide services for young families. The mission of HBTPP will continue through BCF.

Already, former HBTPP families along with new families have comfortably transitioned into the new program.

For more than 30 years, Helen Berube Teen Parent Program provided schooling, parenting education, and counseling to teen parents — frequently serving more than 20 young mothers a year.

In the last few years, Face the Facts — Reduce Teen Pregnancy, a community initiative funded by the Berkshire United Way resulting in a 50 percent drop in teen pregnancy in Berkshire County, made it possible to meet the needs of young families through one agency.

As a result, the Helen Berube Teen Parent Program’s board of directors presented Berkshire Children and Families with a donation of $20,000 to continue the work with young families.

HBTPP Board Chairwoman Keyburn Hollister stated, “This is the best opportunity for young families to receive comprehensive services and support as they continue their education. Although bittersweet for our board and staff, we are thrilled that the good work of so many will continue.”

The joining of these two agencies afforded the opportunity to create an updated and comprehensive strategy for serving young families, one that incorporates the strengths and resources of both agencies into an intensive and intentional Corridor of Care Initiative.

The Corridor of Care will ultimately allow BCF to partner with families at the earliest stage and follow them as they grow toward independence.

The Corridor of Care, which operates under BCF, is housed at Redfield House and is available to young families living anywhere in Berkshire County.

The Corridor of Care provides an array of support which includes early childhood education and care, parent education and support, case management, housing, transportation, academic support, life skills, and mentoring.

These multiple resources are designed to support young parents in achieving optimal development for their young children and for themselves.

For more information, contact The Corridor of Care at 413-499-3556, ext. 320, or visit www.berkshirechildren.org .

Founded in 1887, Berkshire Children & Families has served Western Massachusetts families for nearly 130 years.