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Your Turn: Feb. 19

February 19, 2019 GMT

Rethink egret planRe: “Groups are raising a flap over proposed dispersal of birds,” Metro, Feb. 13:How serious a threat the egrets at Elemendorf Lake actually present seems unclear.I am not a West Side resident myself, but I have friends who live near Elmendorf Lake who feel blindsided by the decision to remove the birds. The community, as well as organizations dedicated to finding science-based solutions that protect birds, such as the Audubon Society, were not informed that the egrets were considered a threat nor invited to be part of a yearlong planning process to mitigate the perceived danger. Thus, community members who care about protecting the birds were not given a chance to seek and suggest alternative, more humane solutions.Rather than frighten and harass the birds to make them abandon their well-established rookery, discouraging them from feeding at the landfill that is near the fields at Lackland and Kelly would seem a better and more lasting solution.I hope that more time will be given to rethink the current plan.Mobi WarrenAm I racist?About four years ago, while at a Halloween store searching for a costume, my wife and I saw dreadlock wigs labeled as a “Rastafarian” outfit.We decided to buy this, and also purchased headbands, tie-dyed shirts and other Bob Marley-type accessories. When dressing for the occasion, my wife added black make-up to our faces to complete the look. I thought nothing negative of this idea.We went to a party and had fun. No one called us racist. Now, after what’s happened to the Virginia governor and a similar incident with Megyn Kelly, I look back and ask, “Am I a racist?” If I wanted to dress as Michael Jackson or Jimi Hendrix, is it wrong to wear black on my face?Ironically, the other morning, while watching “Good Morning San Antonio,” they ran a story on the Gov. Ralph Northam “scandal.” In the very next segment, a reporter was at the rodeo interviewing a rodeo clown. The clown was African-American, but his face was painted white. Was the clown a racist? No comments of this irony were noted by the newscasters.I don’t consider myself racist, but since I value my job, I don’t think I’ll wear blackface again.Bob Lynch