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Three-Eyed, Two-Snouted Pig Dies

June 3, 1998 GMT

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Ditto, the three-eyed, two-snouted, 180-pound pig rescued from a circus freak show, died while asleep, but the remains will be used to research facial deformities in children.

Jill Helms, a dentist and researcher who heads the University of California, San Francisco department that studies craniofacial defects, will study Ditto’s deformities, said Rocky More, director of Pigs Without Partners and Ditto’s caretaker since the 9-month-old pig arrived from Iowa in mid-April.

``He started to lean to the left and he was having trouble all of a sudden Sunday,″ More said Tuesday. ``Doctors think he might have had an aneurysm.″

Ditto, a Yorkshire-Duroc crossbreed, died Monday.

Pigs Without Partners bought Ditto, then called Rudy, from farmer Scott Vorwold of Marquette, Iowa, for $5,000. The group paid another $1,000 to get him an airplane ticket with Federal Express.

Once in California, Ditto was featured on Leeza Gibbons’ talk show and became a local celebrity.

Only one of Ditto’s snouts was functional. Ditto’s third eye had no sight. The pig wore a helmet to protect its head because a neurological disorder caused it to fall over. It needed a special walker because its front legs didn’t work properly. And, its facial deformities interfered with eating.

More had been hand-feeding the pig since Ditto’s arrival and was looking toward reconstructive jaw surgery planned for June 13 at UCSF.

``He had two very happy months here. He was a pretty happy pig,″ a grieving More said. ``We were surprised he died when he did because he was getting a lot stronger. He was just starting to move his front legs independently. When we first got him, he could hardly stand up. He was progressing so well.″

Ditto was living in a little house in Ms. Moore’s back yard. The group also operates a pig sanctuary called Little Orphan Hammies in Solvang.