Hurricane Harvey painting shown at middle school

December 20, 2018 GMT

Students, teachers and staff members at Memorial Middle School found an upbeat and thoughtful way earlier this fall to view the aftermath of the hurricane that none living will ever forget.

Artist Sarah Fisher recently displayed her larger-than-life painting, “That was Harvey. This is Houston,” at the middle school for several weeks earlier this fall.

Fisher’s giant oil on canvas, which stretches 120 x192 inches, is painted on eight panels and depicts the valiant response of volunteers in the wake of the super-sized rain event. Fisher is a Houston-based painter and mixed media artist primarily focused on portraits and portraiture.


Said Fisher, “To commemorate the magnanimity of Houstonians’ resilient and altruistic response to Hurricane Harvey, I painted this monumental, human-scale portrait of my fellow volunteers. This group worked together seamlessly accepting donations outside NRG Center.”

On the artist’s website, the work is described as a “big, huge, giant, Texas-sized ‘Thank you!’ to the first responders, volunteers, organizers, neighbors and helping hands that gave their time, money and endless energy to getting Houston back on track after this devastating event.”

It is estimated that Memorial Middle School alone had more than 130 students impacted by Hurricane Harvey and its associated flooding, including students Bartlett and Mahood.

The painting took five months to complete. It was first displayed at Bush Intercontinental Airport and then at several well-known locations across Houston - the Skywalk from the Hilton Hotel to George R. Brown Convention Center, the Lawndale Art Center, and even the Museum of Fine Arts Glassell School of Art.

After its Memorial Middle School display, the painting was seen by students and staff at the Strake Jesuit College Preparatory School on Bellaire Boulevard.