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State can be an education leader -- Bennett Jester

January 28, 2019

Gov. Tony Evers can build a better Wisconsin. Here’s how:

Gov. Evers promised Wisconsin a better education system. But high schools are under-performing nationwide, and more funding can’t solve everything. Something more is needed. We need to fund research into something new.

Self-directed schools, like the one I attend, are that system. They’re based on the idea that our students can and should be responsible for their learning. When you look at traditional American schools, that’s not what you see. We leave students with no readiness for lifelong learning, because they don’t know how to self-direct.

Gov. Evers, working with the Wisconsin Legislature, should provide funding to explore alternative learning systems. These systems should be primarily self-directed, student-focused models that prepare students for the real world, not just for taking tests.

If Wisconsin politicians provide that funding, we can build a better Wisconsin.

We can build a Wisconsin where students attend prestigious universities. A Wisconsin where those students reinvest in the economy of the state. A Wisconsin where every school is a temple of learning.

We can be the nation’s leaders in education. All we need is the political will.

Bennett Jester, Verona