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Dave’s Dummy: Super Lame

October 13, 2017 GMT

Just because you can name the bad guy that Superman fought in “Justice League of America” volume one, issue 58 doesn’t mean you ARE Superman.

A 24-year-old dummy whose name hasn’t been released tried to shoplift some stuff from a comic book store in New York City on Tuesday afternoon.

But when a security guard caught him, he took off running . . . and jumped right THROUGH a window on the second floor.

Unfortunately for this dummy, no hidden superpowers kicked in, and he just CRASHED through the window and landed hard on the sidewalk. He wound up with a concussion and a fractured pelvis.

He was arrested and charged with criminal mischief, assault, and drug possession.

By the way, Superman and the crew fought Despero in that comic I mentioned earlier. I’m thinking you DIDN’T know that off the top of your head.