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Dave Tunnell: Mohave County Democrats also have new leaders in place

February 2, 2019 GMT

Editor: A lot has been published locally about the new leadership in the Arizona Repub party. That new leadership appears to be solidly in the Trump camp. “The righter the better” sounds like a very good motto for a party that wants to make sure it is not corrupted by the influence of middle America. I particularly love it when one group calls another group RINOS.

While there has been little public notice, the Arizona Democratic party also elected new officers. Actually, theirs was a blend of a lot of new people such as Mohave County’s own Mary McCord Robinson as First Vice Chair and Sierra Yamanaka of Pinal County as our new DNC member. That infusion of new people was offset by retention of some very effective and respected veterans like Felecia Rotellini as the state chair. This inclusiveness promises to consolidate the significant Democratic gains of 2018 and promises more in 2020. While Democrats are exploring new options, Republicans appear to be doubling down on being as closed as possible. The Republicans have had a long run of control in Arizona. Their hold on Mohave County elected positions has been pretty airtight the last few decades. One might think we were living in a conservative paradise. If that were true, there probably would be less infighting amongst those elected politicians. I grew up in a one party (Democratic) county in east Texas in the 1940s and 1950s. It was just as closed off as Mohave County is now. Once the third or less of the population voted in the primary, there was no effective alternative. Republicans: Keep on insisting on veering right at all times on every issue and that just might change even in Mohave County.

Dave Tunnell

Lake Havasu City