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Former ClickIt RV employee stole Porsche from business, police say

April 3, 2019 GMT

Police are accusing a former ClickIt Auto & RV employee of stealing a 2001 Porsche Boxter from the company last month.

Police say Michael A. Moro, 32, stole the car March 18. Police also say he stole 13 keys to other cars and about $2,000 worth of computers, according to court documents.

Managers at the dealership also accused Moro of stealing cars, for which he had been fired. Moro had called after being fired asking for a good deal on a car because his car was repossessed, according to court documents.

His former employer had accused him of stealing two other cars on March 18, but the company had misplaced them and found them, according to court documents.


Police found the abandoned Porsche the day after it was reported missing, and located fingerprints inside that detectives later matched to Moro, according to court records.

An anonymous call to police said Moro had come to the caller for help with computers, but the caller suspected Moro stole them because he knew Moro had worked for ClickIt RV and had seen the thefts reported the day earlier, according to court records.

Moro had also been fired from TK Auto Sales in Spokane Valley for allegedly stealing a Dodge Charger, which was later recovered, court records stated.

He was hired at ClickIt RV, but was also fired from that business in September after he had allegedly stole a 2017 Chrysler 300 and 2013 Ford Flex, but no charges were filed, according to court documents.

Moro is being investigated for three charges: burglary, theft and theft of a motor vehicle, according to court records. He has 18 felony convictions for burglary, theft, possessing stolen property, forgery, rioting with a deadly weapon and more, according to court records.

Police also suspect Moro of stealing a Chrysler 300 with attached custom wheels from Arrotta’s Automax & RV in February, court documents state.