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Cars 4 Classroom helps generate funds for St. Anthony

April 5, 2018 GMT

COLUMBUS – Columbus Motor Company partners with St. Anthony Elementary School for its first Cars 4 Classrooms fundraiser event from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, April 12, that will be held at the school.

“It is a good way for Columbus Motor Company to help give back to the community,” said Steve Farlee, marketing director at Columbus Motor Company.

Columbus Motor Company was looking for ways to be more involved with the community when this opportunity surfaced.

Admissions are free for the general public.

For every person who tests drives a vehicle during the event, the school will receive $10 from Columbus Motor Company and Chrysler. The school has the opportunity to receive a maximum of $2,000 from the test drives.

The companies will also donate $10 for each profile’s Facebook post about the event with the hashtag – #STAPacificaContest – with a maximum amount of $1,000.

In total, the school can receive up to $3,000 from the event.

Computers will be available onsite to encourage attendees to post on their Facebook pages with staff members present to provide assistance.

The motor company will be providing a number of Chrysler Pacifica to be test driven and its staff members will be present to assist test drivers as well as to answer questions.

Farlee said that private schools tend to require more help with funding.

“They’re always putting on fundraising events and we saw this as an opportunity to help them raise some money,” he said.

Amy Sokol, principal of St. Anthony Elementary School, said the partnership is a great way to utilize the resources available in the community. The event provides a win-win situation for both parties. The company is able to increase its community involvement while the school receives help with funding.

“It gets our name out there for people to see and it gets their name out there,” Sokol said.

The fundraiser will help the school acquire resources that the school typically would not be able to get, she said.

Sokol hopes to get more one-to-one devices such as a Chromebook for the students to use during classes so the money raised will go toward that goal.

This is the first fundraising event that the school chose to embark on their own. The school generally collaborates with other schools to host events such as this.

Sokol is thankful to be given the chance to partner with Columbus Motor Company and looks forward to a fruitful outcome.

The school is also hosting its home and school meeting, as well as, a book project presentation by fourth through sixth graders that evening. Attendees will be served a meal prepared by the school and have the opportunity to take part in a raffle.

“We are turning it into a really fun activity for not only our school but also the people in our community,” Sokol said. “Come and see what our school has to offer.”