Michael Corrigan’s short road novel released by Amazon

June 21, 2017 GMT

Michael Corrigan’s short road novel, Down the Highway, has been released as a soft cover by Amazon.

It is a picaresque novel set in Europe, 1962, with the bookends of travelers—James R. Dean and Terrance O’ Hara—meeting in current time as older men reevaluating their lives. As young men, they find their American voices while traveling through Europe during a time of pending major change. While a folksinger named Dylan is about to change American music forever, they meet John Lennon just before the Beatles hire a new drummer named Ringo. They teach the French youth of Toulouse how to curse in English. In Rome, a beautiful Italian woman named Franca teaches James the art of sexual love. They see the Berlin wall going up and witness its first casualty, the slain youth who became known simply as Peter, and in Munich’s Hofbräuhaus, they confront neo Nazis. And what did that novice nun mean by having her “Walt Whitman moment”? On the road, they make quick friends they will never see again, and meet an American woman named Pat who forges a love triangle profoundly changing both men. When the two friends meet decades later, will they also contact the elusive woman who affected their lives?

Down the Highway is also available on Kindle.