Roger Daltrey almost shelved album whilst battling meningitis

April 14, 2018 GMT

Roger Daltrey nearly “shelved” his new solo record ‘As Long as I Have You’ after battling meningitis.

The 74-year-old music legend came down with the severe bacterial infection whilst making his ninth record and was so poorly he thought he might die, and it made him question the quality of the music on the record.

Luckily, the ‘Pinball Wizard’ hitmaker’s The Who bandmate Pete Townshend came to his rescue just before he was about to abandon the release entirely.

During an interview on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ airing on BBC One tonight (13.04.18), Daltrey shared: “Performing solo has always been a hobby, but this one I have taken seriously. Part way through creating it I became disillusioned. I was very ill with meningitis and when I recovered and went back to recording I thought it was rubbish and tried to buy it back from the record company to shelve it. Pete (Townsend) took a look and what he did with the songs blew me away.”

The ‘My Generation’ rocker’s life flashed before his eyes, but admits he has been given a new lease of life after pulling through, and is looking forward to the album coming out in June, his tour and his forthcoming autobiography.

He said: “It was weird. I didn’t think I would make it. It was life changing.

“I thought about my life and my family and what I had done and thought, ‘How lucky did it get.’

“I survived and was given a second chance. I have the album, I’m touring and I have book out later in the year.”

The rock icon recently revealed that he’s going extremely deaf, but despite the effect performing live and going to shows has had on his hearing, Roger has vowed to keep playing “for a long time”.

He added: “I am lucky to be doing what I do - so thank you.”