Immigrant deserved harsher sentence -- Joyce McRoberts

December 10, 2017 GMT

O.J. Simpson never confessed to killing his wife and a young man on that fateful evening in Brentwood, Calif. Most of us thought he was guilty, but his lawyers skillfully maneuvered the trial on racial smears. A jury of easily swayed people were gullible and returned a not-guilty verdict. Most of America exclaimed, “What?”

An illegal immigrant, Jose Zarate, confessed he shot Kate Steinle in San Francisco. He claimed it was an accident. He claimed he didn’t mean to shoot her. So what? She is still dead.

What should have been, at the very least, manslaughter, is now possession of a stolen gun. Egads! That’s like stabbing someone to death and then only being charged with possession of a stolen knife.

Zarate had been jailed and deported multiple times before he shot Steinle. Because we don’t have a secure border, he easily walked over the border and headed for San Francisco, California, a sanctuary city that would deal with him leniently. San Francisco came through in spades for Zarate. Not so much for Steinle.

I suspect more like Zarate are roaming around illegally in the United States.

Joyce McRoberts, New Glarus