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Letter: Actual Nazis in America

August 19, 2017

Actual Nazis in AmericaThis is not ok.I am sick. I can not believe what I have seen this past weekend. Americans, marching by torchlight, under Nazi flags.The oldest greatest generation of Americans has not yet passed into history, a generation of patriots who fought Nazism around the world, and rebuilt a world, has not yet passed into history, and Nazi flags are being flown over American soil.And Nazis — actual Nazis carrying signs that quote Adolph Hitler, actual Nazis chanting actual Nazi slogans like “Blood and soil” — in an American town.Actual Nazis assaulting pastors leading an inter-faith prayer service.Actual Nazis using terrorist tactics borrowed from ISIS to murder and maim American citizens. While we have American troops in contact with enemy forces in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere.At the same time that Charlottesville happened, two American troops were killed in Iraq conducting combat operations.And the man elected president defended these Nazis.He has not brought himself to console those who have been injured, or the family of the bereaved, as a result of this domestic terrorism.Heather Heyer, murdered by Nazis, in broad daylight on national TV, was buried.The bodies of the two service members were repatriated. The President of the United States was Missing In Action.I am beside myself.This moment in our history has weighed the virtue of the man elected president, and he has been found grievously deficient. It is not ok for the man elected President to defend actual, real, flag-waving Nazis.Be angry, be furious, be outraged. But don’t be afraid. The way to win, the way for citizens of good will and committed to community to win, is to be courageous in the face of what is happening in our country.People can say that this year’s municipal election has nothing to do with national politics.Don’t be fooled. This election has everything to do with national politics. Because it is not ok for Nazis to batter pastors at an inter-faith service, or for Nazis to run over innocent Americans with cars, or for the man elected President to defend Nazis.I hope that all of our citizens can agree, that racism, white supremacy, and Nazism have no place in our community.I believe the price virtuous citizens pay for not being involved in politics is to be governed by those less virtuous.In the words of Heather Heyer, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”I’d like to take this moment in our shared history to invite all of our citizens to join us. Join us in standing against the scourge of racism and Nazism that threatens to tear our communities apart. Join us to restore sane, virtuous governance.Michael ZaccheaBrookfield