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New Bush Ad Attacks Buchanan’s Mercedes

March 14, 1992 GMT

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Here are details of a new television ad President Bush’s campaign has begun airing in Michigan.

Title: ″Trust″

Time: 30 seconds.

Creator: Alex Castellanos, Don Sipple, Mike Murphy.

Text: ″The issue: Michigan jobs. Pat Buchanan tells us America first. But while our auto industry suffers, Pat Buchanan chose to buy a foreign car - a Mercedes-Benz. Pat Buchanan called his American cars quote ‘lemons.’ Pat Buchanan. It’s America first in his political speeches but a foreign-made car in his driveway. Michigan has too much at stake to trust Pat Buchanan.″


Key images: Picture of Buchanan with newspaper headline reading ″Buchanan says put America first;″ picture of closed auto plant; picture of Buchanan with superimposed Mercedes logo.

Goal: To convince voters Buchanan has been hypocritical by pledging a get- tough, ″America-first″ trade policy while owning a foreign-made car; to elicit anger among Michigan’s autoworkers by citing Buchanan’s comment that the American-made Cadillacs he owned were ″lemons.″

Analysis: Buchanan does own a German-made Mercedes and when questioned about it earlier in the campaign said he bought it after owning a couple of Cadillacs that were ″lemons″ in the 1970s. He said Friday he bought the Mercedes for his wife and still owns a Cadillac. Both he and his wife drive the Mercedes.