Senate Republican groups gather cash ahead of election

CLEVELAND (AP) — A super political action committee and related nonprofit group raised more than $15.5 million this spring to help preserve the Senate majority, Ian Prior, a spokesman for the two entities, said Tuesday.

One Nation and Senate Leadership Fund are helmed by Steven Law, a former chief of staff to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

The fundraising comes as some Republicans struggle with whether to accept their controversial presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

“Right now it’s not hard to convince people that the Republican Senate majority is making real progress on important issues and needs to be preserved no matter what else happens,” Law said.

The bulk of the money, $12 million, was raised by One Nation, a nonprofit that does not have to reveal its donors and is limited in how much money it can spend on overtly political activities such as advertising.

The super PAC, called the Senate Leadership Fund, landed another $3.5 million in contributions and began July with $18 million in available cash. The fundraising totals cover April through June. Law also works with groups advised by Karl Rove, a former strategist to President George W. Bush.

Senate Democrats also have outside groups working on their behalf.


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