Springville officials select individual to fill vacancy created by mayoral election

January 10, 2018 GMT

The Springville City Council unanimously selected Brett Nelson, who unsuccessfully ran for city council last year, to fill a vacancy on the council.

The vacancy was created when Rick Child was elected mayor in November. He was sworn in as mayor on Jan. 2.

Nelson ran for one of two city council seats in November, but he fell roughly 100 votes short. He said he wasn’t upset about the election and had gained valuable insights about the community during the process.

“I did my best, worked hard and came close, but I’m not down because I had some good opportunities in that process and learned things about community I didn’t know,” he said. “I talked to hundreds of people I never met, some became friends ... and learned what their concerns are and what ideas are.”

Nelson has been a Springville resident for nearly 30 years and has served with the Youth Council, which is what prompted him to run for city council last year and apply again this year.

“I would watch these young men and women give a ton of time and put a lot of effort in [to the Youth Council],” he said. “I’m at position where I can give some time and effort to city, and I’d like to take some time to do it.”

After being selected, Nelson said he was excited to begin serving the city in this new capacity.

“I think we have amazing people in the city and thank you for instilling your trust in me,” he said.

Many of the 11 candidates who applied for the vacant seat addressed economic growth and the need to balance the city’s small town atmosphere with the needs for businesses, Tuesday during a city council meeting. Nelson said he thinks the city can strike that balance.

“I believe we are at a critical junction, and there are many changes occuring in our city as well as around our city, and you hear about them every day. … It is a time that we can come together and make decisions for the future of all of us,” he said.

The other applicants included, Frank Young, Lisa Willey, Annette Sorensen, Reva Beth Russell, Donald Olsen, Craig Conover, Warren Vaughn, Genevieve Baker, Brent Johnson and Stacy Johnson.

Many of the applicants had served in various positions within the community, including on the city council and planning commission. Mayor Rick Child said he was glad to see so much interest in the vacant seat.

“It makes you feel good when you know this many people are interested in Springville and I encourage the other 10 who don’t make it to be willing to serve on other committees,” he said.