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LETTER: Kaepernick’s issue deserves attention

September 12, 2018 GMT

If it is a matter of issue where you draw your distinction, then let’s not gloss over ‘His issue’ (Colin Kaepernick). An issue that is much more unAmerican than many folks feel Kneeling during a “song’ is. The stats are out there. Check em out. People of color are still being oppressed in this country in neighborhoods you and I would not dare go. The idea that all this Symbolism Takes such a solemn precedent over over an actual injustice in our country befuddles me! I love the National Anthem and will proudly bring my best voice to it most every time I hear it played. Key placed his word so well I envision that battle worn ground with 1 flag still unfurled. It is also a great piece of plagiarism. I have a flagpole in my front yard. But my flag does not reflect to me who and what I am, but rather to the world as a symbol for witch it may inspire. And just what would be the appropriate platform? If you had a message that you felt the country needs to hear, are you going to shout it from the mountain tops or a cave? -- Michael Murphy Jr., Sioux City