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Fairview Museum to exhibit art of three Fairview artists

January 31, 2019 GMT

FAIRVIEW — Fairview Museum Rotating Artist Gallery will host the art of three Fairview artists: DeAnn Barentsen, Ron Giles and Ervin Shelley, on Friday, Feb. 15. A reception will be held from 6:30 to 8 p.m., at the Fairview Museum of History and Art, 85 North 100 East. Their art will be on display through Friday, April 5.

DeAnn Barentsen

DeAnn Barentsen was born in Murray, and is the daughter of Wendel and Nora Christensen, Fairview. She was four years old when the family moved to Fairview. She loves Fairview, and had a wonderful childhood while being raised there.

After high school, Barentsen attended cosmetology school and became a hair dresser, which she worked as for over 25 years. She loves to be creative and so she enjoyed styling hair.


She also enjoyed tole painting classes and became very good at it. Interior decorating is another of the things she loves and always wanted her home to look special.

DeAnn married her high school sweetheart, Jerry Barentsen and her adventure started. Jerry’s employment gave them the opportunity to live in several states and with each move had the opportunity to decorate many different homes.

The couple have five children, 14 grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren who bring much joy to their lives.

Barentsen relates that, while living in Denver Colorado many years ago, she started teaching tole painting classes in her home. Then she decided to become adventuresome and tried oil painting on her own but really had no idea what she was doing.

When they moved back to Fairview, she finally had the opportunity to take oil painting classes from Marie Lindahl. Barentsen says Lindahl is a great instructor and a lot of fun. She is now in her fourth year of classes with Lindahl and reports that she has learned a lot and hopes to continue improving her painting skills.

Ron Giles

Ron Giles was born and raised in Mt. Pleasant, where he attended the local schools, as well as Snow College. He married Kathie Johnson, Fairview, and the couple have lived in Fairview for the past 50 years. They are the parents of three children and have 10 grandchildren.

Giles worked for and retired from Rocky Mountain Power and also retired from the Utah National Guard after 22 years of service. He served Fairview for 16 years as a councilman and as the city Mayor.

He and his wife built the Fairview City parade float for 23 years and they were also the general chairpersons of Fairview’s Pioneer Days for 13 years. In addition, Giles and his wife were both honored as distinguished alumni at Snow College in the year 2000.


Giles remarked, “I have always loved to work with my hands, but most of all I wanted to paint pictures. I would watch these artists on TV and wish I could do that, but I have some color blindness so I just never tried to paint.”

“Someone told my wife about an art class being taught by Marie Lindahl at the Fairview Museum and that is where it all started,” he says. “This is my third year in the class, Marie has been so helpful. She is one awesome lady. It is so fun to take a blank piece of canvas and then see what the end result is.”

“Sometimes,” he says, “you might want to throw it away and another time you want to show the world. Last year I took two paintings to the Sanpete County Fair. I received a blue ribbon on one and a sweepstakes ribbon on the other. It has been challenging and has been fun.”

Ervin Shelley

Ervin Shelley was born in Mountainville, and was the fifth-of-nine children, his twin brother being the sixth. He went to school in Mt. Pleasant and started taking art classes from Max Blain.

Shelley painted with water colors and enjoyed it. He kept taking art classes through high school and after high school he moved to Salt Lake City where he lived with his brother and sister-in-law. His first oil painting was completed while living there. He still has that painting, and states, “that it turned out pretty good for me.”

After serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he married his wife, Loretta, and they have been married for 53 years. After a couple of years in the military they moved back to Fairview and he started taking art classes from Kathy Cieselwiez.

Shelley and his sister also took classes from an artist in Nephi. After that he took classes from Marie Lindahl. He skipped a couple of years and then started back again. He has sold a few paintings in the area, but he still strives to become a better painter. He enjoys the process.