Anti-Semitic signs found in Vermont second time this month

December 26, 2019 GMT

ST. ALBANS, Vt. (AP) — Flyers defending anti-Semitism were found in Vermont for the second time this month.

Several signs were stapled to utility poles in St. Albans on Tuesday, WCAX-TV reported.

The signs read: “ Its okay to be anti-Semitic.”

City employees quickly removed the signs.

Police have seen similar signs in the past that had “some anti-Semitic undertones” to them, said Sgt. Joseph Thomas.

The signs don’t violate the law, Thomas said, but they could “cause some upheaval in the community.”

Rabbi Eliyahu Junik, of Chabad-Burlington, encouraged whoever put up the signs to “get help” and meet Jewish people.

The signs are under investigation.