Manistee Substance, Education, & Awareness (SEA) recognizes local seniors with Peer Mentoring Leadership Award

May 19, 2018 GMT

On Thursday, the Manistee SEA awarded the top five high school seniors at Manistee High School, a SEA Leadership Award for their service working as mentors for middle school students throughout the 2017-18 school year. These students maintained their own class schedule and made time to meet regularly and support middle school students.

Manistee SEA Facilitator Sarah Garthe and Executive Director Youth Armory Project and SEA Member Robert Carpenter attended the high school honors night at Manistee High School and gave each of the five students a plaque. In addition, the Vogue Theatre generously donated a year membership to all 35 peer mentors. The Manistee SEA along with the Youth Armory Project said that the Vogue Theatre helped make the event possible.

Leadership Awards were presented to Kellie Raczkowski, Megan Anderson, Blade Gates, Tegan Wayward and Avery Weston.

Other mentors receiving recognition included Morgan Jarvis, Olivia Taylor, Hayley Anderson, Lexis Bialik, Maggie Blevins, Jacob Gustad, Justin Hendrix, Jeremy Wood, Mercedes Forsyth, Lindsie Adams, Abigail Beaudrie, Ben Doolittle, McKenna Grant, Anna Hansen, Shelby Helminiak, Trinity Herbert, Sara Shaefer, Hannah Tyron, Stephanie Grimes, Kari Zimmerman, Kelsey Sullivan, Kaylyn Kolanowski, Kyle Carter, Samara Hayes, Austin Guenther, Lexi Thompson, Lita Sheperd, Destiny Deleeuw, Noah Owens and Bishop Davis.

The mission of SEA is to increase community awareness of substance issues and support existing programs in the community to reduce risk factors — things that lead to substance use — while increasing protective factors for people in the area of all ages.

SEA Manistee is a workgroup of the Manistee County Human Services Collaborative Body (HSCB).

For more information about Manistee SEA, contact Sarah Garthe at SGarthe@centrawellness.org.

Funding for SEA is through Public Act 2 (Liquor Tax Funds) through the Northern Michigan Regional Entity.