Republican lawmakers push proposal to speed up confirmation of Trump’s nominees

February 6, 2019 GMT

Republicans on Wednesday unveiled their proposal to change Senate rules to cut the amount of time it takes to deal with a filibuster and get nominees confirmed, as they look to speed through a backlog of President Trump’s picks.

The proposal would limit Democrats’ ability to drag out the process for each nominee, which can run as long as 30 hours.

Sen. Roy Blunt, who wrote the changes with Sen. James Lankford, said he’ll put it through the Rules Committee next week.

“The president deserves to have his team in place, regardless of whether or not one party agrees with the election results,” Mr. Blunt said.


As a change to the Senate rules, it would take a supermajority vote to be approved something that’s going to be tough to win in a Senate where Republicans only hold 53 seats

Another path would be to use the “nuclear option” shortcut to change the interpretation of the rules.

The Blunt-Lankford proposal would reduce the current 30 hours to just two hours for district court nominees and others for the Executive Branch. But the 30 hours would remain in place for Supreme Court nominees and Cabinet-level officials.