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Alison Brie flattered by foot followers

June 28, 2017 GMT

Alison Brie gets bombarded with requests for pictures of her feet.

The ‘Glow’ actress has a following of foot fetishists, and though she thinks her trotters are “very cute” and can understand why they attract attention, she hates to think about people “sexualizing” them.

She said: “I understand why people like my feet, because I do find them to be very cute. But I can’t totally make the leap to sexualizing them.

“People constantly request photos of my feet, and they also send me photos of my feet when I’ve worn minimal heels or have gone barefoot.

“Somebody explained to me that it’s because feet are the only part of your body that you can’t change or alter, so it’s really you. I found that to be quite beautiful.

“But then your mind just cuts to someone j***ing off on their feet, and that image is ingrained in your mind forever.”

While the thought of people sexualizing her feet makes Alison uncomfortable, she also revealed that top of her wish list for people to work with is Quentin Tarantino, who is known for his own foot fetish and there are numerous clips online compiling the shots of women without shoes who feature in his films.

Asked if she could work with anyone, who would she choose, Alison told the new issue of Playboy magazine: “Quentin Tarantino, definitely. His movies have been such a big influence on everything I like about filmmaking.

“I saw ‘Pulp Fiction’ at way too young an age - my dad would stand in front of the screen during the gimp scene. Then in high school I was obsessed with ‘Reservoir Dogs’. And then in college it was ‘Kill Bill Vol. 1’ and ‘Vol. 2’. The music, the humour - it’s just so much fun.”

Alison’s feet aren’t the only body part the 34-year-old star - who is married to Dave Franco - is proud of as she thinks it’s great there is a Tumblr account devoted to pictures of her breasts.

She said: “There’s a fascination I can’t really explain. My mom was the first one to point that out early in my ‘Community’ days.

“She was like, ‘I was reading a bunch of message boards, and people seem very fascinated by your boobs. I don’t know why. They’re not that big.’ I was like, ‘Mom, I have great boobs. How dare you?’

“It’s humorous to me that people have had a fixation with my boobs.”

And the actress thinks its hilarious she has a nude scene in her new Netflix show ‘GLOW’ -in which she plays a female wrestler - because filming came at a time when her assets have shrunk.

She added: “By the time I’m ready to film a full-nude scene, I am the most muscular I’ve ever been and my boobs are the smallest they’ve ever been. It’s sort of like a ‘f**k you’ to the boob-fetish people.”