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Gallery Gets Painting Nearly 268 Square Feet

November 14, 1990

WASHINGTON (AP) _ A monumental work by contemporary German-born artist Anselm Kiefer titled ″Zim Zum″ has been given to the National Gallery of Art by a private committee of wealthy contributors, gallery director J. Carter Brown said Wednesday.

″Zim Zum,″ which measures nearly 18 1/2 feet by 14 1/2 feet, is the first Kiefer work to enter the gallery collection. Completed earlier this year, it will be put on public display Thursday in the gallery’s East Building.

The Kiefer work is made of several interlocking sheets of lead partially covered with canvas treated with oil, crayon, ashes, sand and lead and clay dust, with a canvas landscape painting across the bottom.

Kiefer’s complex works include references to Teutonic mythology and historical drama. The title ″Zim Zum″ refers to the Judaic concept of Tsimtsum, the instant of creation described in the Kabbalah, a mystical Jewish system of occult beliefs and scriptural interpretation.

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